Expository writing is used anytime you want to explain, inform, describe, compare, or contrast. This writing is used throughout school, including college, but also in every-day life. This is a multi-week, intensive writing class that meets three times a week. Students will learn to write coherent, organized, and effective expository pieces. These are foundational essay-writing skills that all students must understand and master for future success in high school, college, and work. ​ This class is most appropriate for middle school students, is self-paced, and includes 18 lessons. 

Essay Writing Foundations Self-Paced Study

  • This class is not a live class. You can enroll anytime and work at your own pace. You will have access to the same curriculum and instruction students in the live class recieve, and you will have an instructor that will provide you with constructive and authentic feedback on your work. Class sessions will include video instruction and assignments. You have a year to finish the class.

  • Your tuition will be refunded if you are not satisfied for any reason, but you must contact us within three days of enrolling to get a refund. 

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