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Visit Mrs. Lemons on Outschool, another platform she uses to teach. Even more classes are offered there! When you sign up, Outschool gives you a $20 credit.

Dangle, Snipe, and Celly! Spruce up Technical Sports Writing With Humor & Slang COMING!

Ages 13-18

meets once


Like Peanut Butter & Jelly: Creative Writing and Grammar Perfectly Paired

Ages 8-11

once a week for 14 weeks


The Newbery Challenge--Back in Time (PART 1 of a Rigorous Book Club)

Ages 10-14

Ongoing, once a week subscription


The 6-Word Memoir: Tell a Story in Just Six Words! 

Ages 13-18

Once a week for two weeks


Spin a Spooky Story: Narrative Writing

Ages 9-13

Twice a week for five weeks


Image by Nemichandra Hombannavar

On the Same Page: A Community of Book Bugs

Ages 9-12

Ongoing, once a week, monthly subscription



National History Day: A Historical Research Project  COMING SOON

Ages 13-18 (students should have a reading Lexile score of at least 900, which is a middle school level)

Sept-Feb (a course on our nation's founding documents will be offered Mar-May)


Image by Mel Poole

Make a Long Story Short: Literary Analysis of Beloved Short Stories

Ages 14-18

Ongoing, twice-a-week subscription


Go Figure! Reading and Writing Poetry With Figurative Language

Ages 10-14

Ongoing, weekly subscription


Image by Arisa Chattasa

Assert! Claim! Reason! the Art of Argument Writing

Ages 13-18

Twice a week for five weeks


Reading for Understanding: A 6-Step Approach to Reading and Paraphrasing a Text

Ages 10-14

A one-time course


Image by Kosar Hosseinzadeh

Reading for Understanding Part 2: Using the Reading & Paraphrasing Strategies

Ages 10-14

Once a week for four weeks


College Application Essays: A 5-Day Workshop

Ages 16-18

A four-day course


Foundations of Essay Writing

Ages 11-15

Twice a week for five weeks


Root Out Run-Ons: Write Complete Sentences With Style

Ages 11-14

A one-time course


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