Frequently asked questions

What is tutoring?

Tutoring is where the student and teacher meet 1-1 online, but the teacher is not designing instruction. The student comes to the teacher for some help. For example, a student may have a difficult novel unit to get through or has been assigned an essay and needs help. Our tutoring is competitive with other companies, both online and in person. Your tutor has a bachelor's degree, master's degree, teaching certificate, principal's certificate, and many years teaching in brick and mortar schools as well as online.

Is it safe to meet online?

Great question! Education is rapidly changing and more and more of it is moving online. The teachers have all had background checks as a part of attaining and maintainig teaching certifications. Parents are welcome to sit in with their student. Also, all sessions will be recorded so parents can have access. This will be done in a way that protects the privacy of the student.

What are the different class types?

1. Online Live Classes (Synchronous)--These classes have a start and end date as well as specific meeting days and times. They are either with a group of students or 1-on-1 with the instructor. 2. Self-Paced Classes (Asynchronous)--These classes are also online, but you do not meet with an instructor during a specified time. You have the same explicit instruction and authentic feedback on your work, but you have the flexibility to go through the class sessions at our own pace. You have a year to finish your course. 3. Custom-designed 1-on-1 Classes (Synchronous)--These classes are specially designed for one student who will meet your instructor online on the days and times of your choosing. Coursework is customized based on the student's needs and is adapted based on the student's performance and mastery of skills and concepts. You get the teacher's undivided attention.

What are the materials and tech requirements?

All materials will be provided by the instructor. Tech Requirements: 1. MacOS 10.7 or later OR Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Home, Pro, or Enterprise **No Chromebooks** 2. Minimum: Single Core 1 Ghz or higher Recommended: Quad Core processor 4 GB RAM 3. Chrome browser 4. High speed internet or WiFi (3 Mbps upload & download) 5. Headphones, preferably with a microphone 6. Webcam 7. Zoom downloaded on your computer 8. Kami App Chrome extension 9. A Google account (not a child's account)

What if I can't attend all the sessions?

No problem! We record the classes so you can view the class you missed at your convenience. Give the instructor the heads-up ahead of time if you can.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you enroll in a class and need to cancel, please give us at least 24 hours notice before the first class begins to receive a full refund.

What is short-term guidance?

If you have one piece of writing to complete, short-term guidance is what you need. For example, we can help you complete your college or medical school application essays. This is one-on-one support to complete one project.

What are custom plans?

A custom plan is used if you want to save money on tutoring by purchasing multiple sessions at once. This is also for students that want a cutom-designed course, just for them. Short-term guidance and ELL classes are also booked as custom plans.

Why Lemons-Aid when there are so many other options?

I'm glad you asked! You have many options for online classes, most of which are provided by schools. Also true for most of those classes is that the class sizes are huge, they are asynchronous (not live), and feel impersonal. If you do find synchronous (live classes), they are very expensive and you still have large class sizes. Classes with Mrs. Lemons are personal because she is face-to-face and interacting with students--she gets to know her students and shows authentic care for them and their learning. She offers support, even outside of class time if the student needs it, and students receive authentic, honest, and helpful feedback that makes them think and grow. Students are pushed to be independent learners who can problem-solve and do hard things. Your student will be a part of a special community--even online--where students learn skills, master concepts, and gain confidence. This is a side business for Mrs. Lemons and it keeps her busy primarily in the summer months when she has more time. Since she is working with college students, she misses those teenagers, with all their wonderful quirks. This scratches her itch and provides a service to students who are looking for something a little more personal.

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