2020-2021 School Year

It's Back-to-school season, and even though this also brings uncertainty, I am excited about the potential reform we may see in education. For example, a current trend is for students to form a pod--either local or virtual--and school together. What a great idea! Nobody knows their kids like their own parents, who can think creatively to meet the unique needs of their own children. As I have spoken with parents across the country, I am working to understand and meet the needs of families with various schooling requests. This fall, classes offered through this website will be taught from a Christian worldview, which means discussion will include how to view content biblically, and we will spend time in prayer. Classes offered on Outschool are required to be secular in nature, like a public school. 

If you have an idea for a class you would like to see, but don't see it, let me know. If you have a pod--I want to be your English teacher! I love to think and work outside the box! Click the button to contact me if you have a request. 

I look forward to seeing your cherubs through my Zoom screen this fall. I can't wait! 


Visit Mrs. Lemons on Outschool, another platform she uses to teach. Even more classes are offered there! When you sign up, Outschool gives you a $20 credit.

Dangle, Snipe, and Celly! Spruce up Technical Sports Writing With Humor & Slang 

Ages 13-18

meets once


Success Depends on Your Backbone, Not Your Wishbone: Effective Habits for Teens

Ages 13-18

once a week for 4 weeks


Like Peanut Butter & Jelly: Creative Writing and Grammar Perfectly Paired

Ages 8-11

once a week for 14 weeks


The Newbery Challenge--Back in Time (PART 1 of a Rigorous Book Club) 

Ages 10-14

Ongoing, once a week subscription


The 6-Word Memoir: Tell a Story in Just Six Words! 

Ages 13-18

Once a week for two weeks


Spin a Spooky Story: Narrative Writing  

Ages 9-13

Twice a week for five weeks


Image by Nemichandra Hombannavar

On the Same Page: A Community of Book Bugs

Ages 9-12

Ongoing, once a week, weekly subscription



National History Day: A Historical Research Project 

Ages 13-18 (students should have a reading Lexile score of at least 900, which is a middle school level)



Image by Mel Poole

Make a Long Story Short: Literary Analysis of Beloved Short Stories   

Ages 14-18

Ongoing, twice-a-week subscription


Go Figure! Reading and Writing Poetry With Figurative Language

Ages 10-14

Ongoing, weekly subscription


Image by Arisa Chattasa

Assert! Claim! Reason! the Art of Argument Writing

Ages 13-18

Twice a week for five weeks


Reading for Understanding: A 6-Step Approach to Reading and Paraphrasing a Text

Ages 10-14

A one-time course


Image by Kosar Hosseinzadeh

Reading for Understanding Part 2: Using the Reading & Paraphrasing Strategies

Ages 10-14

Once a week for four weeks


College Application Essays: A 5-Day Workshop

Ages 16-18

A five-day course


Foundations of Essay Writing

Ages 11-15

Twice a week for five weeks


Root Out Run-Ons: Write Complete Sentences With Style

Ages 11-14

A one-time course


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